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September 17, 2020

Music, Lyrics, Guitar & Setar: Shahin Najafi 
Back Vocals: Leili Bazargan 
Strings: Pedram Shahlai
Cover: Mohammad Rahmani
Translation: Nick Rastin
Producer: Leili Bazargan
Dyaloge Limited


دوباره پای چال زیر گونه هات
کنار خط صفر مرزی لبات
هجوم شب به عمق گیسوهاتو
نگو تمام تو رو جون جون امام

شهید کربلای چندم صدات
اسیر عشوه های بعثی چشات
مدافع حریم چادر شمام

نگو تمام تو رو جون امام

تو نص صریحی من حدیث جعلی
چه دل میبری ای کفتر محلی
یزید شم توی زینب نگات؟
تو تشنه باشی و آب شم برات
دوتایی غرق شیم خسته تو فرات
نگو تمام تو رو جوون امام

بگیر روتو ازم و محرومم کن
شکنجه کن خودتم آرومم کن
بخند باز با بغض تو صدام
نگو تمام تورو جون امام

زیبای اهورایی
تو میل خفته ی تمام مردهایی
 جوون بمون تا پیر شیم دوتایی
برقص یواشکی با ریتم بوسه هام

It's over!

Again at your cheek dimple, like a war trench!
On your lips’ borderline...
I want the deep night-invasion into your hair!
For Imam’s sake, don’t say it’s over!

I’m the martyr in “Karbala-X” of your voice (2)
I’m the POW of your eyes’ “Ba’athist” coquetry (3)
I’m the defender of your veil’s sanctum (4)
Don’t say it’s over! For the sake of Imam!

You’re the explicit text (of Quran) and I’m a fake Hadith (5)
How charming you sweep me off my feet, you the local pigeon!
Should I become “Yazid” to “Zaynab” of your beautiful gaze? (6)
You’d be thirsty and I become water for you! 
We’d wearily drown together in “Euphrates” (7)
Don’t say it’s over! For Imam’s sake!

Veil your face in front of me! Debar me!
Torture me and then calm me down!
Laugh again with the sound of me sobbing!
For the sake of Imam, don’t say it’s over!

Oh, you "Ahurani Goddess"! (8)
You’re the asleep lust of all men
Stay young, so that we grow old together!
Dance stealthy with the rhythm of my kisses
Don’t say it’s over! For Imam’s sake!

1. Here “Imam” is referring to “Ayatollah Khomeini”, Iranian clerk and leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, founding “Islamic Republic of Iran”. The song uses many terms related to the Islamist-hardliners’ culture, which was vastly shaped after the Islamic revolution and during the Iran–Iraq war in the 1980s.
2. Referring to the military operations “Karbala 1 to 7”, Iranian offensives during the Iran–Iraq war, which lead to great sieges and also terrible defeats.
3. Refers to “Ba’ath” Party of Iraq, governing the country for many decades, also during Iran–Iraq War under the leadership of “Saddam Hussein”. There are many reports about Iranian “Prisons of War” being tortured and murdered in “Ba’athist” POW camps.
4. Referring to Islamist-hardliners, the defenders of mandatory Hijab and also “Holy Shrine Defenders” (In Persian as Modafean-e-Haram) a phrase which the Iranian Islamic (Shia) regime uses for their military advisers and militia who are fighting in Iraq and Syria in the name of defending Shia Holy Shrines against Sunni warriors.
5. “Hadith” in Islam refers to what Muslims believe to be a record of the words and actions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, many of which are controversial for their unreliable origin.
6. “Yazid ibn Mu'awiya” commonly known as Yazid I, was an Islamic Arabic caliph from 680 to 683. His caliphate was marked by the battle of “Karbala” and the death of his rival Muhammad's grandson “Husayn ibn Ali”, whose sister “Zaynab bint Ali” was held captive and forced to march unveiled to Damascus, where “Yazid” throned.
7. The river “Euphrates” confluences the “Tigris” river to form the “Shatt al-Arab” river which makes the borderline between Iraq and Iran for about eighty kilometers, a battle zone during the Iran–Iraq war.
8. As “Divine beauty”, referring to “Ahura Mazda”, the creator and highest deity of “Zoroastrianism”, the ancient religion in Iran and Middle East, which still has some followers. The term “Ahurai” is also used by some nationalists and monarchists in Iran.

Translation: Nick Rastin

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