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August 28, 2021

Shahin Najafi: Lyrics, Music & Arrangement 
Alireza Badiee: Director, Producer & Writer 
Leili Bazargan: Production Manager & Producer
Mansour Hosseini: Executive Producer 
Pouya mahmoodi: Electric Guitar 
Habib Meftah: Percussion & Flute  
Pedram Shahlai: String Instruments 
Arian Aghajan: Bass 
Faarjam Saidi: Mixing 
Babak Rezvani: Mastering 
Amelia Finngåård: First Assistant Director
Shaylin Zare: Production Coordinator
Johan Moberg: Line Producer
Mehrdad Karimi: Production Assistant 
Aidin Pourkouchak: Illustrator & Graphic Artist 
Maryam Zare: Logistics 
Linnéa Carlsson: Makeup
Pavel Lychagin: Runner & BTS
Nick Rastin: Translation 
Mandana: Catering 
Starring: Reza Amir Omrani, Ava Rostampoor, Hasti Rostampoor , Hanna Bendz (Cellist)
United Voice: Production Company
Dyaloge Limited


بخت پر کشید
کشیده (سیلی) شیهه کشید از آشیانه
خانه خراب شد
از کودکی سایه ات پشت پرده سینه هایم پیدا که داد نزنم
دستت روی دهانم
پنهان میان دستانت
صدایت خشمگین در حیاط
سیاه بود و
آسمان خاکستری پدر
تباه بودم تباه
در شکل دختری که پدر
بی مادرم سکوت کرد
تا آبرویمان ریخت روی فرش
تا خاله ها و عموها
عمود خانه فرو ریخت
فروش رفت پدر
تجاوز کن به من
تجاوز تا انتقام را بگیر
تجاوز کن به من
تجاوز به این اسیر
روح توتون و ریش زبرت از دست بزرگیست
که کیستم
جز دختری که شانه های کوچکم از اشک
زیر چادر مادر شکست
هر شب تجاوز کن پدر

پدر تجاوز کن به من


The (good) fate flew away
The slap neighed (flew) out of the nest
The home collapsed
Since childhood (there was) your shadow behind the curtain, my breasts were uncovered, but I couldn’t shout
Your hand on my mouth
was hidden in your hands
Your fierce voice in the yard
was black and
the sky (was) gray, oh, father!
I was ruined, decayed
Oh, father! I remained silent, like a girl
whose mother remained silent, as she was not there!
Until our honor was discredited, splashed (like semen) on the carpet!
So as the uncles and aunts (found it out),
the house pillar collapsed!
The father was sold
Rape me!
Rape so that you get revenge!
Rape me!
Rape this slave!
(Because of) the tobacco’s smell, your rough beard (and) from your big hand,
I cried
(asking) who I am
but a girl whose tiny shoulders broke by tears, under mom’s veil
Rape me every night dad!
Rape me father!

Translation: Nick Rastin

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